Cambridge 300 audax


Terry Dickerson’s Cambridge 300 was the first audax over 200 km from Cambridge for several years—maybe since Mike Stapleton’s last OxCam 400 in 2001.

I made a bit of a mess of this one. The ride was great as far as Market Harborough (140 km), but the next section, over the Leicestershire hills to Wymondham into a vicious headwind, finished me off. At the Windmill tea rooms in Wymondham (180 km) I stared disconsolately at my apple crumble but was unable to finish it. After that I got slower and slower and everything hurt, and although I knew I had to eat, I just couldn’t manage it, so I whiled away the time by cursing the whole sport of audax and myself for getting into this mess. I arrived at the finish shortly after midnight, shaking and barely able to speak, and although there were plenty of Terry’s delicious apricot flapjacks left, I was unable to eat even one.

But now that I’m no longer aching (much), some things I remember about the ride:

336 km (209 miles) in all.